Custom designed to meet your requirements Custom designed to meet your requirements Only at Eagle can you have the convenience of drive-thru with our patented “Rinse and Reclaim” capacity.
Available in 2 and 4 hour fire rated capacity Self-contained hazardous chemical storage exceeds the highest standards of quality and compliance. Our fire rated wall design is U.L. listed and tested. Available in 2 and 4 hour fire rated capacity
Doublewide available turnkey package Doublewide available turnkey package Double wide capacity offers 10’ high ceilings, 2 hour fire rated rollup doors with wet or dry sprinkler systems.
Color by owner Our turnkey packages are built to your specific storage and dispensing needs. Color by owner
14’ x 36’ under one roof 14’ x 36’ under one roof Content: This custom size gives you both the ability to dispense, rinse equipment in the same building you have heated storage. All under one roof.
“Patented Rinse and Reclaim” The rinse and reclaim feature is available in both buildings and pads. This is the approved process by Department of Agriculture for proper management of tainted rinse water. “Patented Rinse and Reclaim”



Taking care of the environment



Immediate financing is available with the nation’s largest tax exempt financial institution. Complete turnkey package delivered to your site.

National Building Code compliant

Each facility is designed and equipment specified by license architects, engineers and professionals in the field of applications. Site and product specific CAD drawings are submitted for final approval from authority of jurisdiction required.

Energy Efficient

Each facility is built to meet the thermal demand of its region worldwide. All facilities are equipped with Energy Star certified equipment and built under the U.S. Green Building Council regulations.